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Eat Walk Cleanse- Dadar Matunga Health Food Crawl


‘A Diet cum Lifestyle Plan on Foot ?- Are you crazy ??’ enquired a concerned  Gul.  ‘Taking a bunch of people on the streets of Mumbai is like chaos ‘. But the  cosmos works in funny ways and soon I was with my foodie buddie Sam  out on a nippy Saturday morning along with  a bunch of Health Aspiring Foodies.  Sameer. Mushtaq, Vandana, Dr Bakshi, Iva, Patrick, Kathrin ,Tejal, Vini Kavita Jinal . And we walked.

Rustomji our friendly neighbourhood hero and his wife Freny Aunty were there to introduce us to the Parsi colony and its famous landmarks.As we glided through these unreal classics the crowning glory of it all, the Majestic Five Gardens soon stared right at us.. Green is Beautiful. Green is Life. As I outlined the health philosophy of foods and relationship between Food and Disease, Bankim the yoga expert  calmed our bodies in the best effortless way. Usain bolting we soon were !!.All ready for the adventure that lay ahead  .Jagat my juiceman welcomed and served us all monos -Neem amla adrak carrot bael -therapeutic booster shots to ensure a good cleanse each for a different ailment.

This experiential soujourn led us next to the band of boys and girls young and old led by Mr   Makhija  who escorted us through the virginal gulmohar laced bylanes. Hey! was that a World war  II tanker right here in the central suburbs .As we ate a little more of home made energy bites , good health continued its journey with us  to the glorious Kings Circle We wound our way through various eateries and food stores. So is oats too glutenfree ?asked one enthusiast and then the  health related QnA began. Tasted Kutto idli, Neer dosa, some more Green Juices , bypassed the effervescent flower Market- a riot of unique colors au naturel and pure just like the highly alkaline Natural Spring Water Mulshi we were carrying- Thank you Mr  Navin

The finale pit stop Shree Sunder served us a meal the dynamic owner Sachu was very supportive in helping me design. Panki in turmeric leaves laced with cardamom- Delicious. Pessarattu dosa –the protein dense mung chilla , idi appams- all healthy delites.. With one pit stop still pending we set off to explore the hidden jewels of Matunga veggies and fruits- all giving the perfect finish  to an enriched  Saturday morning

All food served during the entire tour was low calorie, gluten free, dairy free and low glycemic index dressed in minimal oil and salt however  tasty to invigorate all 5 senses.