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Let it Rain on my Parade -A Monsoon Health Special

water falls.......

water falls…….


The season of heavenly showers and an escape from the tiring draining heat of the summer sun is what many of us look forward to. However this beautiful season brings along with it a relentless overdose of infection.


Diseases like jaundice, typhoid run rampant at this time of the year as humidity runs high & the digestive tract is weak. Bitter, astringent vegetables and cooling foods such as barley, brown rice & oats are the stomach’s best friends 

chai with mint infusion

chai with mint infusion

juicy cherries

juicy cherries

Eat lots of vegetables and fruits to keep the glorious flow of antioxidants on the go but watch your supplies and where they come from and keep an eye out for the larva too. . I recommend taking the opportunity to grow your own kitchen garden comprising of basics like basil, mint, coriander, baby spinach etc. 


Seasonal Cravings in this season do steep up for oily foods like Bhajias, Pani Puri or Ragda But skip the street vendor and go the DIY@home way. Ideally in a baked form. And satisfy your oil cravings with nuts and oilseeds. For all the fish lovers, let nemo breed and go sushi on a vegetarian diet. Avoid both meat & dairy as they both harbor more germs this season and hence perish faster too.


Since monsoon diseases are mostly waterborne, water should either be purified boiled or distilled. Ice from non-distilled water, Kulfis & Golas should be a strict No No. Hot beverages like an herbal infusion or a warm soup will liven up the senses. A dash of ginger cardamom & cinnamon prevents susceptibility to cough & cold infection. A glass of radish juice will also aid the same. Masala lovers open up the spice box and update with some asafetida, garlic, cumin, mustard, turmeric, coriander and holy basil which have antibacterial properties.


This season you will be exposed to less sunlight but do grab some rays and vitamin D when the sun lord beckons.Barometric changes are most likely to shower down on you so do hold up the health umbrella and enjoy the season