Kachraa saaf- Diwali home cleaning and health

“Letting go isn’t the end of the world; it’s the beginning of a new life.” ~Unknown

Oh ! How I want to live that. Drained as I am after an onslaught of  running through barely worn clothes blankets and linens; also cleaning out corners rarely used , I  am still overjoyed.

Overjoyed cause just the traditional ritual of Diwali Cleaning year after year has had some  positive influences on my home, life and health. It is a family affair. Not just washing the walls and cleaning the furniture but  going  beyond. Clothes, books, paintings,  forever teeny weenies that I thought shall always treasure , largely unused medicine cabinet, unused or overused toiletries (out-mainly due to the ingredient list of toxic chemicals) Thankfully the Indian market is now opening up to a natural wellness lifestyle  and Is supporting me in my conscious decision to move away from some  excess and move towards things that me and  my family first essentially need. Not too easy but a start nevertheless. Okay ! I  still retain my favorite 10 year old now rarely used high heels,my dearest talented friend Guls  dupattas and many of the many trinkets  but a lot  of the rest can GO. So I can start afresh.

As my family and very supportive occasionally grudging staff clean out room after room over guzzlers of nimbu and nariyal pani , comes the most visited room in the entire house- the kitchen. Hmmm where do I start? Inspite of being a nutritionist (ahem ) why does my kitchen  contain more junk than I can fathom .No its not just the rolls of snack boxes or the crockery which keep on piling up its also 3 bottles of organic oregano, 2 bottles of homemade pizza sauce chilling in the fridge ,5 packets of whole wheat pasta that I dived into 6 months ago . Hey whats that white salt still doing in a nook !? Havent we replaced regular salt to mineral rich sea salt long time ago.  Everyone  looks straight at me. Okay we need to clean out much more than a routine Diwali cleaning is the signal I get . Advice  Taken ! if ALL Participate 😉

Thats why I enjoy my field of work . It has a similar analogy. Kachra saaf. Clean  bodies . Detox as the word goes. Even we pile up so much of excess in our bodies that the grime and slime start forming and corrode the walls within. Sometimes once a year aint enough. It is important to do regular checks, flush out , throw out the excesses. Having the house cleaned has a wonderful feeling that comes along with it: it makes me feel bright, fresh and cheerful.  That feeling of Chi-beneficial energy actually multiples when I do that to my body. Have often felt that the body is our temple . So lets begin treating it like one..



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